Text Box: English:  Pronouns, contractions, & pronoun-verb agreement
Math:  Multiplication facts, division facts, & adding money
Social Studies:  We are studying the Jamestown colony.	
Writing:  We will be stressing neatness and correct letter form on all work.
Text Box: Snacks

Text Box: April Newsletter
Text Box: Mrs. Buchman                3rd Grade     

Text Box: Thank you for helping us fulfill all of the items on our wish list so far!
SubjectsText Box: Bonus words in Spelling Tests are no longer for extra points.  They are now counted as regular words during grading.
Children will be writing each Spelling Test word in print and cursive; however, only the words in print will be graded at this time.
Please sign all test papers, and return them in the Tuesday Take Home folder.  Be sure to also sign the outside of the folder.

3C's web page is now on the internet.  
Homework, Tests, Spelling & Vocabulary Lists, and other
information can be accessed there.  Simply go to www.stignatius.org
and navigate to it, or you can access it directly by typing 
http://www.stignatius.org/third/3c/ in your web browser address bar.Text Box: April 2002
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3rd Quarter Ends


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Holy Thursday


Good Friday—No School


April 1—Amanda Zayek


April 16—Olivia Chudy


April 25—Sarah Johnston


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